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This is a list of frequently asked questions from our clients.

About installation

What are the requirements for installation?

1. Cards
2. A PC (for the card management system)
* A static global IP address is required for access restriction
3. A Valuecard Card Reader or a POS terminal installed with the Valuecard transaction feature
* Real-time network connection to the Internet or office LAN is required
Others as necessary (displaying the terms and conditions of cards or creating promotional tools such as brochures or posters)

What is the minimum number of stores for installation?

You can install for a single store.

Is it easy to install your card reader?

Yes, you can easily install our card reader by following the installation manual.
We also provide installation support by our technical staff at your request.
* This is a paid plan for dispatching our technical staff.

How long does it take for implementation?

Implementation usually takes about 1 - 2 months.

About operations and framework

Which type of the card can I choose, "rechargeable" or "disposable"?

You can choose either type. Also you can choose both "rechargeable" and "disposable" types with different card designs.

Can I create promotional events using the card?

Yes, you can create promotional events such as "limited-time" or "limited-store" events.
Example: Store A only special promotion starting XX date, with a 10% bonus for 5,000 yen or more top ups.
We also offer custom tailored system design and promotional planning according to your objectives and goals.

Is it difficult to operate your card reader?

It's easy for everyone to operate our card reader by following the user's manual.

If a trouble should arise, what should I do?

You can consult in the customer support center corresponding to 365 days for 24 hours.

How can I see the card balance?

You can see the card balance on receipts or at stores.
You can also see the card balance by accessing the status page from a PC or mobile phone (Card number and PIN are required for access).

Can I combine the balances of multiple cards into one?

Unfortunately, you are unable to combine different cards into one card.

Is customer relations management made?

The mail delivery to customer relations management and the member is possible as an option separately.

How can I sell cards?

Standard outlets are your storefront or online. We can also offer other distribution channels.


About the correspondence to law

I will advise also on the correspondence to law from staff of our company.