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We, at valuedesign are looking for business partners to jointly promote the Valuecard APS service.

Two partnership programs are available according to the business style of the partner company.

1. Resale OEM Agent System

We provide the Valuecard ASP service system for resale agents to deploy as your own service.
You have full control of pricing and PR activities within the scope of the contract.
You will manage first-tier customer support, billing, and collection operations.

2. Distribution Agent System

You will introduce potential Valuecard clients, and our company will contact them jointly or independently.
You will provide us various levels of sales support, until reaching a contract agreement, and we will pay certain agent commissions upon the execution of a contract.
* Our contact person will provide details regarding service fees and commissions for each type of agent system.

Features of a Valuecard Business Partnership

Sales Support

As the best selling system provider in Japan, our sales representatives will support your sales activities.

Valuecard Reader (VT-3000)

We will provide a Valuecard card reader to offer the service to smaller businesses.

A Variety of Sales Tools

We will provide a wide range of sales tools for various industries and business types.

Long-term Commission Payments

For distribution agents, we will pay certain monthly commissions that will continue for multiple years.

No Security Deposit Required

No security deposit is required to sign a contract.