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Credit Card Transactions
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Valuecard Reader "VT-3000" is also capable of handling Credit Card Transaction.

What is "Credit Card Transactions"?

You can use a VT-3000 terminal for credit card transactions by adding the credit card transactions application (*optional service) to the terminal when installing the Valuecard system.
By using the Internet line to transact credit card payments, you can reduce the network cost and also save the store space.
* This application is an optional service and requires additional application and contract with an accounts receivable management agency.

Advantages of Credit Card Transactions

Introduction Cost

A single terminal providing multiple services for prepaid cards, point cards and credit cards, savings from terminal expenses and store space.
By using the existing Internet line, no additional network cost is incurred

Fast Transactions

Internet connection enabling fast speed transactions.

Head Office Sales Management Capability

Transaction statement via web-based administration console is available for review and anaylsis, which proven to be most efficient and effective for chain stores.

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