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Mobile Gift Cards
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Valuecard is Also Available for Mobile and Smart Phones!

What is a Mobile Gift Card?

The Service You Can Use with Mobile and Smart Phones without a Physical Card.

"Mobile gift cards" offer the same services available with the conventional Valuecard (plastic gift cards) on mobile and smart phones.
Physical card is replaced by displaying the barcoded user information stored in the mobile phone. Simply show the barcode to the store cashiers and it will be scanned to effect transactions for top up or pay for merchanise.

Advantages of Mobile Gift Cards

Reduced Costs

You can reduce the costs of making physical cards by using mobile and smart phones for store cards.

No Risk of Loss

You can avoid lost or forgotten cards when customers visit the store.

Smart Payment

No more need to carry bulky cards in a wallet as payment can be done without a card.

Easy and Fast Authentication with a Card Reader

All customers need to do is to present a mobile or smart phone. Your shop staff simply scan it to authenticate and quickly complete the transaction.