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Increased Repeat Customer Business!

Coffee shop chains, Fast food chains

"Stamped, paper cards are simple and convenient, but we can't build a database for follow-up..."
We offer prepaid cards that earn points according to the total Top Up and usage. We got better insight of our repeated customer's business, which used to be difficult to obtain in F&B establishments.
We increased total charge amounts by offering a limited-time charge promotion campaign. We increased repeat customers with a higher transaction average, which resulted in higher average sales per customer by 10% compared with cash paying customers.

Improved Sales and Cashier Service Speed

Supermarkets / Drugstores

"It's difficult to differentiate ourselves from competitors with conventional point cards..."
Prepaid cards that are redeemable and earn points both at stores and online.
By offering a limited 5-day promotion campaign on paydays (on the 25th for example), customers can enjoy privileges and easy monthly budgeting for groceries.
By offering private label electronic money, you can maximize the benefits to both stores and customers. For example less coins handling and faster cashier service experience.
By combining POS data and CRM tools, you can compile marketing data to conduct more effective sales promotions.

Increased Average Sale per Customer!

Dry cleaning chain

"We want to differentiate ourselves with value-added service to survive fierce competition amongst competitors..."
Prepaid cards that reward 3,300 yen when 3,000 yen is Top Up.
Prepaid card users tend to have higher spending rate for optional services such as creasing and waterproofing. It allowed more aggressive sales promotions and an average sales increased of 10% is achieved per customer.
You can smooth out the ups and downs of the business cycle by offering members-only sales during low seasons.

Increase the Ability to Bring in Real-World Customers to Online!

Digital content / Online shops

"Web-based sales promotion has been the usual method for digital content (games, etc.). It is challenging to attract more customers..."
You can conduct online transactions by simply entering a card number and PIN on a website.
You gain more effective distribution channels and can approach new customers by issuing prepaid cards and selling the cards through "gift card stores".

Created Demand for Gifts!

Fashion / Eyewear

"It is difficult to sell items as a gift because everyone has different sizes and tastes..."
Stylish gift cards available for any price.
Buying a gift for someone is never easy. You can offer prepaid gift cards for your customers as an alternative for gifts. Their loved ones can redeem any item he or she likes at your stores.