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We Leverage on Valuecard to Provide One-stop Service to Support the Business Growth of our Clients.

Valuecard ASP Service

Promotion Planning and Proposal Creation

As the best selling system provider in Japan, we make most use of our proven experience and know-how to offer custom tailored system design and promotion planning that meet your objectives and goals.

Affordable Design, Card, and Promotion Tool Production

We offer a variety of card designs at affordable prices through our domestic and global supplier partnerships.
(Design creation, white plastic unembossed card production, UG & Encoding, etc)

Comprehensive Retail Operation Support

We support retail staff training by providing operation manuals, FAQs, and other helpful tools.

System Support Framework

We customize our system to meet your business requirements. You can choose the most suitable network connection from VPN, leased lines, or a credit card transaction network, depending on your business needs.

Legal and Accounting Support in Compliance with the Payment Services Act

We will build an operational flow that complies with the Payment Services Act, related regulations, and accounting operations.

Sales Promotion Support for Prepaid Cards (Gift Cards)

We offer strategic distribution channels to sell and promote your cards. That includes online shops, "gift card stores" and corporate sales channels.