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Boost Sales!

Diversifying promotion methods can expect to generate more sales.

Boost Profits!

With improved cash flow provided by Top Ups and Forfeiture gain (from expired cards), you can take advantage of additional capital funds for new promotional campiagns.

Reduce Costs!

You can expect a significant reduction in workloads by replacing conventional paper gift certificates with paperless system and reducing cash-based transactions.

Client Advantages (1)

Boost Sales!

1. Boost Repeat Rate

Limited time offers will be effective as you can specify the special offer to your customers according to their charge/payment amount. You can expect higher revenue by improved repeated of e-money users.
You can leverage on a variety of promotional tools such as coupons and giveaways to encourage customer's visit.

2. Increase the Average Sales per Customer

The average sales per customer tends to be higher among prepaid card users than cash-based customers.

3.Win New Customer Acquisition

You can create more stylish and uniquely designed cards compared to paper gift certificates. They are also highly convenient with electronic transactions capability and meet broad range of demands for gifts.
Gift cards are effective as a new customer acquisition tool where existing customers can introduce new customers.

Client Advantages (2)

Boost Profits!

1. Improve Cash Flow with Deposits

You can improve cash flow with Top Up values from customers to secure future sales. With improved cash flow, you can gain financial advantages such as reduced financing cost.

2. Earnings from Forfeited Value

You can take advantage of the expired value that could amount to approximately 5-8% of total amount issued (*based on our past records) as additional capital funds for new promotional measures.

For Sales Promotions

Reduce Costs!

1. Streamline Administrative Operation at Head Office

Electronic gift certificates can significantly improve administrative costs by eliminating collecting operations that are required for paper gift certificates.
You can aggregate real-time data of the number of cards issued, and the balance of Top Ups, used and unused amount on the administration screen in the PC.

2. Streamline Retail Operations

Since Valuecard incurs value at the point of issuance, it provides easier security management without requiring strict inventory management or secure storage space.