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Service Flowchart
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You Can Start Using Valuecard within 1 - 2 Months

Installation Flow

Signing Up

We support you from filling of application form to managing installation schedule. (Registration to the Internet connection is required to use the administration screen.)

Sharing Objectives and Targets

We will design the installation plan together by sharing the objectives and targets of the client company.

Planning (System Design)

We will propose tailor-made plans to meet your objectives by leveraging our unique know-how and a number of successful past achievements.

Issuing Card (Design, Production), Making Promotional Tools

We have a proven track of records of creating a variety of design cards from the standard color printing to special processing and transparent designs. Please feel free to contact us for design proposal and promotional tool production.

Operation (Planning, Training)

We will assist the smooth installation by providing operation manuals and shop staff training. We also provide legal and accounting related support.

Service Start

After the installation, we will constantly monitor the effectiveness of sales promotion and make changes accordingly.